Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a plan of treatment that is geared towards helping alleviate pain in patient’s bones and joints. Manual therapy helps restore mobility of still joints and reduce muscle tension which allows patients to move more naturally without constant pain.

Suggested Treatment Choices:

Soft Tissue work

This method of treatment is used to help relax the muscles through the use of massaging. Through the use of deep tissue massage it helps increase the circulation, ease pain in the soft tissue, and break up scar tissue. This provides relief of pain in your day to day life.

Mobilization/ Manipulation

This plan of care is used to measure the amount of movement that is exerted through the use of speed, force, and distance in which a patient is capable of performing specific tasks such as Pushing, Pulling, and twisting certain bone and joints into a particular position.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Is designed to help mobilize restricted joints and lengthen shorten muscle. It is a procedure that is utilized through voluntary contraction by the patient by muscle against distanly controlled counterforce applied from a licensed physical therapist in a specific position and direction. This option generally does not cause any stress to the joints.

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