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What is your overall satisfaction with Access Physical Therapy services?

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How long have you been using Access Physical Therapy services?

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How satisfied are you with Access Physical Therapy services in the following areas:


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Ability to meet needs

Design and appearance

Front Desk Support

Physical Therapy Support

Compared to the alternative services available, how do you estimate Access Physical Therapy services:

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 Much worse
 Don’t know

Based on your experience, will you continue services from Access Physical Therapy in future?

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Would you recommend Access Physical Therapy services to your friends?

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Have you experienced any problems using Access Physical Therapy services?

 Yes, quite often
 Yes, but rarely

If you did, what kind of problems?

What can Access Physical Therapy work on to improve their service?

Who was the Clinic Manager:

Which Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant was in charge of your care services:

Who was the Clinic Receptionist:

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